Anime Pirate Characters

In their heyday, pirates were a violent bunch that were to be feared, the equivalent of modern-day terrorists. But history has romanticized this once feared profession and it’s become something draped in awe and mystery. Whether sailing the seas in ancient wooden ships, or soaring the stars in spacecrafts from the future, our modern interpretation of pirates can rank anywhere from dastardly villain to outlaw with a heart of gold.

Gol D. Roger is the catalyst for the events of One Piece. Once a legendary pirate king, Roger was eventually captured and stated that he left an open invitation to his fortune, the “one piece”, moments before his execution. While it is not exactly clear what One Piece truly is, Roger’s final words were enough to propel the entire world into a new Age of Piracy. Roger sailed further into the dangerous oceans of the world than any other man before or since; crews have scavenged the seas for his fortune – frequently causing chaos along the way – in their quest to become the new pirate kings.

Harlock is a roguish man who lives by his own rules. Space Pirate Captain Harlock exists in a shared continuity, causing Harlock himself to appear in several other series such as Queen Emeraldas. While Harlock is a self-proclaimed pirate, he is more in it for challenging the status quo than anything else. At one point, he comes across some other pirates who boarded a civilian ship and slaughtered the crew and passengers. Harlock boarded the ship himself and massacred the pirates single-handedly. A pirate he may be, but Harlock lives by his own moral code.

Marika was once a simple schoolgirl who was interested in space yachts (the show takes place in the future) and working in a café. Until her daddy’s status as a powerful space pirate forced her to begrudgingly take over the family business, which she has a natural knack for – despite her initial reluctance for the job. Marika may not be a pirate in the traditional sense, but she still gets the job done and flies away with a cargo hold full of booty.