Bizarre Anime That Make Your Happiness

Sometimes after finishing an anime, you just have to sit back and let it sink in. The anime below will leave you stunned with their absolute insanity and weirdness. If you dig really deep, you might find some understanding of these “seriously, wtf” anime. But chances are, you’ll be just as baffled… no matter how many times you rewatch them.

Deliciously weird, surreal, and completely unexpected – dive into the rabbit hole for a look at some of the most bizarre anime ever made.

Tenshi no Drop

Angel’s Drop is a 5 minute short about two girls who eat an angel’s halo as a snack, which impregnates them and makes them periodically pee out colorful sweets. It’s full of cute girls talking about and doing crude things and doesn’t even try to make sense. Welcome to the world of weird anime! We’re off to a great start.

In this short anime, a cat boy goes on a journey to recover his sister’s soul, which has been split into two pieces. The art style is very different from traditional anime, and depicts strange and dark visions through disturbingly cute characters. The style and lack of speech make this a dream-like trip that’s done right: once you pick your jaw off the floor, you’ll definitely head back in for another watch.

You might have heard that FLCL is about adolescence and puberty. You probably know that it’s full of symbolism. But no matter how much you watch it, chances are all you see is the absurd insanity. Probably one of the best known anime on this list, FLCL is a 6 episode anime about a boy who gets hit over the head by a girl with her guitar and subsequently has a robot emerge from his head. It might be insane, but it’s a fun ride.