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Bizarre Anime That Make Your Happiness

Sometimes after finishing an anime, you just have to sit back and let it sink in. The anime below will leave you stunned with their absolute insanity and weirdness. If you dig really deep, you might find some understanding of these “seriously, wtf” anime. But chances are, you’ll be just as baffled… no matter how many times you rewatch them.

Deliciously weird, surreal, and completely unexpected – dive into the rabbit hole for a look at some of the most bizarre anime ever made.

Tenshi no Drop

Angel’s Drop is a 5 minute short about two girls who eat an angel’s halo as a snack, which impregnates them and makes them periodically pee out colorful sweets. It’s full of cute girls talking about and doing crude things and doesn’t even try to make sense. Welcome to the world of weird anime! We’re off to a great start.

In this short anime, a cat boy goes on a journey to recover his sister’s soul, which has been split into two pieces. The art style is very different from traditional anime, and depicts strange and dark visions through disturbingly cute characters. The style and lack of speech make this a dream-like trip that’s done right: once you pick your jaw off the floor, you’ll definitely head back in for another watch.

You might have heard that FLCL is about adolescence and puberty. You probably know that it’s full of symbolism. But no matter how much you watch it, chances are all you see is the absurd insanity. Probably one of the best known anime on this list, FLCL is a 6 episode anime about a boy who gets hit over the head by a girl with her guitar and subsequently has a robot emerge from his head. It might be insane, but it’s a fun ride.

Anime like Attack

Shingeki no Kyoujin follows the story of Eren Yeager in an apocolyptic world where humanity finds itself on the brink of destruction, constantly under threat from human-eating giants whose origin is shrouded in mystery. Set in a dark and gritty world filled with horror and violence, Eren and the other members of the elite Survey Corps fight what often seems like a hopeless battle against the seemingly endless Titans. With parts of his memory fragmented, Eren discovers an unusual connection with the enemies of humanity and finds himself in a truly unique position to aid the Survey Corps in their struggle against the Titans.

With Season 2 still many months away, we’ve put together list of anime that are all similar in one way or another to the breakout anime sensation. Hopefully, these anime can help you to pass some time until the next installment of awesome Titan-slaying action is released… unless you’ve been reading the manga that is… in which case keep the spoilers to yourself!

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

Why it’s similar:

The Kabane, zombies on steroids, are not all that dissimilar to the Titans, and both of these monsters’ origins are similarly shrouded in mystery. The walled settlements in Koutetsujou no Kabaneri are similar in to the walled territory in Attack on Titan. The main characters of both stories have a similar origin story and are intent on revenge.

Plot summary:

Steampunk Japan (yes, you read that correctly) is beset by a strange and mysterious virus that turns its victims into the Kabane, zombie-like creatures that can only be killed when their steel-encased hearts are destroyed. No cure has been found and most weapons and people are helpless against the growing swarms of Kabane. Ikoma, a lowly steamsmith with great aspirations dreams of one day cleansing the world of Kabane.

Why you should watch it:

Steampunk meets Japan meet zombies, is that not enough reason? But in all seriousness it makes a pretty enjoyable, but short viewing.

Why it’s similar:

Dark and gritty modern-era world filled with action, violence and a range of characters falling across the moral spectrum. Main character, like Eren Yeager, discovers he has strange powers and struggles to come to terms with them. Oh, and he has to do this in secret while eluding the government who is trying to capture him. The origin of the Ajin and how one becomes an Ajin is also unknown.

Plot summary:

Ajin are hunted and feared, labelled as the single greatest threat to humankind. Kei Nagai, a diligent high school student whose only aim in life had been to become a great doctor, unintentionally discovers his true identity as one of these immortal beings. Desperately fleeing for his life after his discovery, he is thrown into the global spotlight as he is hunted down for capture.

Why you should watch it:

Like Attack on Titan, the characters are all complex with interesting personalities and moral alignments. Main character Kei is a strange kid, with a seriously sociopathic way of thinking, which is is both of frustrating and fascinating to watch develop. Ajin has a pretty tense atmosphere as the story pushes forward at a fast and suspenseful pace that makes it hard to stop watching once you start.

Creepiest Anime Openings

What’s your favorite anime opening? Ending? Chances are, you love it for the music, the action, or maybe for the fact that it changes and evolves as the series progresses.

But we’re here to celebrate a different kind of anime OPs and EDs: the kind that leave you completely and thoroughly disturbed. Whether it’s the animation or the music (or the combination of both), these anime endings and openings are some of the creepiest you’ll ever see.

he upbeat pace of the Mirai Nikki opening song makes the intro more thrilling than creepy, but the images used set a different tone. Selective use of colors, dark scenes and imagery, and plenty of bright red blood create an atmosphere of unease.

The haunting melody of Elfen Lied’s opening is hard to forget once you’ve heard it. It was written by MOKA using parts of the Bible and an old hymn, and is sung beautifully in Latin by Kumiko Noma. While the music fills you with awe and dread, the opening scrolls through mostly-still images that pay homage to Austrian artist Gustav Klimt. They feature some of Klimt’s famous works, with the series’ characters painted into them. The imagery and the song are both the kind that stay with you long after you’ve finished the anime.

Serial Experiments Lain

Muct of Serial Experiments Lain is strange and mildly disturbing. The opening song is a mellow one, performed in English. The words, taken in context with the show, relate to Lain’s transformation and growing understanding of the world around her. Even without listening to the words, the sound of the music fits in with the overall tone of the anime. The intro shows staticky images of Lain watching people through computer and TV screens, walking through real life photos, and walking through a eerily abandoned city where time seems frozen still.

Anime Season Has Some Actually Good

I can totally understand how someone might have missed this one having looked at seasonal charts. That’s because it was right down the bottom in the OVAs section that’s usually just filled with random side stories to long running shounen series you never watched and softcore pornography too racy to put on TV. Which may explain the complete lack of hype this is getting.

Zarageto is the light novel written by Nisioisin before he wrote Bakemonogatari. Yeah, you see why you should be interested in this now? It’s taken a while but Shaft have finally gotten through the entire Monogatari series and can now take a look at some of Nisioisin’s other works. There are a significant number of people who even consider Zarageto to be the superior series due to there being no harem antics and far less ramble-y dialogue.

The first episode doesn’t come out until late-October but as a personal huge fan of Nisioisin and Monogatari, I’ll be eagerly anticipating this adaptation. Now we’ve just got to hope someone picks it up for streaming…

Fune wo Amu

While the protagonists of this series are certainly “anti-heroes,” Kougaiji is a perfect example of an anti-villain. He is not bad or evil — he is just trying to save his mother. To do so, he has to act villainous under the command of the true villain of the series. This is a character who is determined to get what he needs… at any cost.

I’m cheating here a little as The Great Passage isn’t technically a light novel adaptation. Rather its origin was a regular old novel, which may explain why the premise features a complete lack of superpowered teenagers falling into harems. Instead it’s about two blokes writing a dictionary together. To some people that might sound like the most boring premise ever, but to folks like myself who get excited about seeing a story about adults dealing with adult problems, I’m so pumped to watch this.

It’s fitting that this airs in the famous Noitamina timeslot, the one that was geared towards a non-traditional anime viewing audience. For a few years they sort of forgot that was their intended goal with anime like Black Rock Shooter orHow To Raise A Boring Girlfriend, but between The Great Passage and the mega-hit from earlier this year Erased, it seems like they’re going back to their roots in a more determined fashion.


That semi-colon you see does not lie to you. Yes indeed this is a light novel adaptation by the creator of Steins;Gate as part of the not-really-connected-in-any-shape-or-form semi-colon series that includes Robotics;Notes and Chaos;Head. OK maybe those last two weren’t that great as anime, but Steins;Gate is so good that you can guarantee there are thousands upon thousands of anime fans who will automatically check out anything this author writes just off the back of that.

Plus for what it’s worth, the story does sound interesting. It’s about a paranormal club who run an online blog about mysterious phenomenon only to find themselves wrapped up in the mystery, which sounds a lot closer to Steins;Gate’s premise than the other, less interesting semi-colon series. That said, the trailer has a very different feel, being way more wild and eccentric than the close and claustrophobic feel of Steins;Gate. I’ll admit the giant looming boobs in the trailer worry me a little though.

Anime Villains That The Best For You

images-11What makes a bad guy do bad things? Most anime don’t go too far beyond classic themes like world domination, personal vendetta, power, greed, or just plain being evil. But when anime don’t gloss over the motivations for some of these villains, you might get a sympathetic villain; one you can’t help but root for.

Sometimes they’re misguided and truly believe they’re doing what’s right. Other times their reasons are just so depressingly sad. And then there are those villains who are just too awesome to hate. Whatever the reason, having a sympathetic anime villain makes it bittersweet when the hero “saves the day.” These anime villains will make you question the motivation behind your favorite anime hero — and remind you that “winning” often comes at someone else’s expense.

Note: Don’t expect to find characters like Light or Lelouch on this list — villains who are also protagonists are called anti-heroes, and we have an entire list of them here.

We’ve come to realize that there three distinct types of anime villains that we love to root for:

Villains who are a product of their past

Bad people aren’t always bad. Some bad people are victims of circumstance, who turn into villains after life throws them a few too many negative moments than they can handle. You can’t help but feel bad for these “bad guys,” even when some of the things they’ve done are appalling. It might be due to the knowledge that they had little control over the hand their life dealt them. “He has a tragic past” is an overused trope for any character, but we’re suckers for it, and the feels we get for these anime villains proves it.

At first glance, Johan is a monster. He is, after all, the titular monster of the anime. But nothing is black and white in the series, and as it progresses, we learn more about this “monster.” The more we discover, the more sympathetic Johan becomes, and while we probably never outright root for him, we do begin to feel more for him, and understand why he is the way he is. Is evil born, or made?

As an Earthling on Mars, Slaine has to deal with hardships right off the bat. He is picked on for his origin, and later develops an obsession over the Martian princess. After a certain event transpires, he completely snaps and turns into a villain. Having seen where Slaine came from though, it’s easy to understand how he turned out the way he did.

The slick fighter Chloe may come across as cold and distant, but a peek into her past reveals very good reasons for this. She is a remarkable fighter, and would make a powerful villain if it weren’t for one thing: her feelings. Whereas other villains bury their emotions, Chloe is driven by hers — a trait that may very well cause her trouble. Meanwhile, the true baddie Altena is the kind of villain who has good intentions but poor judgement on how to carry them out… but more on that type of villain later.