Combine Two Really Random Ideas

Some things go together like peanut butter and jelly, or apples and cinnamon. Others seem like they shouldn’t work together (like peanut butter and celery!?) but somehow, the odd combination just… works. Plenty of anime combine situations and genres, but it takes real skill to put together two completely unrelated ideas in a thoroughly entertaining way. Here are X anime that put together two ideas that shouldn’t work… and yet make a delicious combination.

Yuri Kuma Arashi is weird. Really weird. It’s the kind of weird you might expect from the creator of Mawaru Penguindrum, only after it’s been dipped in some acid and left to dry in a field of mushrooms. Yes, that kind of weird. On the surface, the anime is about a society where cute and cuddly bears suddenly develop a hunger for human flesh. In the middle of this strange society, two girls are placed on literal and figurative trial for their love for each other. It’s a trip full of allegory and self-searching. Everything is a symbol, and everything is weird on overdrive. Lesbians and man-eating bears have no right being in the same anime, but no one told this anime that.

Minor spoilers for the first few episodes: School-Live is not a slice of life. It’s more like a slice of undead (see what we did there?). Ostensibly about some adorable girls doing cute things in their sleepover school club, it’s actually about the zombie apocalypse. In the club room, the girls do everyday things and have silly adventures. Outside, all hell has broken loose as zombies prowl the school grounds. The juxtaposition is insane but it works so well, giving everything you see an ominous overtone.

You may remember this one from your childhood, and it’s just as silly now as it was back in 1990. This series is actually a combination of more than just two random things; pretty much everything about it is an odd mixture. The show takes place in an alternate reality city called Little Tokyo, where society is a mix of modern and feudal Japan, and everyone is an animal-human hybrid. It’s this setting that gives rise to the legendary Samurai Pizza Cats! Pizza delivery cats by day, vigilante warriors by night, these modern samurai cat-beings deliver a side of justice with every pizza slice. Aw yeah!