Mature Anime of All Time

When it comes to mature anime, we’re certainly spoiled for choice. The anime industry has never shied away from horror, gore, violence, nudity and depictions of sex. More importantly, the anime industry has never balked at venturing into psychological dramas and artier fare, which can only be appreciated by a more mature audience.

And while the anime in this list is aimed at an older audience, younger anime fans have a lot to look forward to once they come of age. The recommendations here are a mix of popular, underrated and hidden gems. However, they’re all stand out titles that are worth checking out.

One of the true masters of mature anime is non-other than Satoshi Kon. Unfortunately, this brilliant director left this world way too soon, but his work lives on and continues to fascinate us.

Perfect Blue is one of the very best psycho-dramas, and certainly holds up well when compared to Hollywood and European art-house films in the same genre. Furthermore, Mima Kirigoe entrances and shakes us up as she delves into the darker side of her psyche.

Tekkonkinkreet stands apart from other anime on so many levels. For one, it’s directed by the American-born Michael Arias who brings along his own unique vision. Secondly, the British electronic music duo, Plaid, created the soundtrack which is both sublime and experimental.

At its core, Tekkonkinkreet feels very indie but with high production values. This is definitely one for more adventurous and eclectic anime fans.

What makes for perfect Friday night entertainment? Well, how about kicking back with a big bowl of popcorn and an action-packed vampire epic?

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust and its prequel from 1985 – Vampire Hunter D – should really be watched back to back. Not only are they both excellent anime with just the right mix of gothic flair and heroism, but are incredibly re-watchable. And it doesn’t hurt that D is one of the most visually appealing male lead protagonists ever!