The Great of Anime Season

Tudukimi was an event I went to last week where I was forced to watch 52 anime trailers back to back, in an cruel experiment designed to find the breaking point of the human spirit. I actually kind of enjoyed myself.

At the Tudukimi event (a contraction of several Japanese words meaning ‘watch the next’), 52 anime trailers were shown in groups of 4, and punctuated by commentary from the lively hosts of the evening, with an occasional industry guest appearance. It was apparently livestreamed to over 20,000 people, and was attended by all sorts of people from the anime world, including bloggers, journalists, and streamers.

It was kind of a long evening, and there’s already a bunch of info out there about most of these anime, so here were my thoughts on all 52 trailers shown at the event. See my condition slowly deteriorate over the course of the evening as my notes get less and less informative.

I’ve noted the special picks by bracketing them; either I decided that i’m definitely picking them up this season, or they drew enough attention/applause/squeals of delight from the Japanese crowd that I decided well, I kind of have to check them out now.

1.All out

Sports anime fans, this is the one. Rugby. Lots of male butts. Small – but fast – player seems to feature as the star of the show; Eyeshield 21?

2. Gi(a)rlish Number

About seiyuus. Seems to be part of this emerging genre of anime focusing on the behind the scenes of the anime/manga world.

3. [3-Gatsu no Lion]

People in the crowd were psyched for this one.