Top Immortal Characters On Anime

At some point, everybody dies. Except these guys. And even if they do die, it is just a quick rest stop down the road of eternity. Granted there are different rules pertaining to immortality, with few individuals being truly immortal. This list will cover what type of immortality each character has before delving deeper into their individual profiles.

Code Geass

C.C. possesses a power known as the Code, which allows her to bestow another power known as the Geass upon human beings. Beyond this, the Code also makes her ageless, immune to disease and gives her healing powers that would put Wolverine to shame. Although it is never fully explained, even having her body completely vaporized would not kill C.C. However, individuals who have mastered the power of Geass can take away the Code, which would in turn strip C.C. of her immortal status.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Kars is the leader of the Pillar Men, four survivors of an advanced race of humanoids that once ruled over mankind. The Pillar Men increased their power over time by creating stone masks that would strengthen humans by turning them into vampires and then consuming them for their power. The ultimate goal was to make a stone mask that could make them fully immortal, which Cars succeeds in doing. Even sunlight and the power of Hamon, the only two weaknesses of the Pillar Men, now have no effect on his body.

Naruto: Shippuden

Originally a denizen of another world, Kaguya came to Naruto’s home planet in search of the legendary God Tree. In time she consumed the tree’s fruit, gaining immense power and becoming a monster known as the Ten-Tails as her absolute power began to corrupt her. Ultimately she was stopped by her sons who were forced to rip her power out of her, split it into nine smaller (but still super powerful) giant monsters, and then seal her in the Moon (which they made) after she still would not die.